Should Medicinal Marijuana Be Legal?

By on Sep 1, 2015 in "Legalize it" Countries, Benefits of Marijuana, Drug Enforcement Administration, Marijuana Law, Marijuana Plant Growning |

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Today, there are 23 US states, plus the District of Columbia, that have a medical marijuana law in practice, which means that this number is on the rise. And why is that happening; why are more and more states agreeing to put in practice laws that allow people to use marijuana as a medicament. Well, that is because some scientists believe that this plant can help people suffering from various diseases and conditions, and that is why they believe that it should be legalized. However, all the licensed doctors should look at marijuana strictly from the scientific point of view, but also know all the practical implications that need to be taken for allowing marijuana to become a legalized drug.

54d0ee238c25e410VgnVCM200000d6c1a8c0____-Marijuana Bars -1So, the main goal of many physicians is to look at marijuana not as a plant that can offer people a chance to get high and enjoy that feeling, but to review the pharmacology, and with it all the indications and laws that are in any possible way related to the usage of medicinal marijuana.

Well, luckily for those people, there is a lot of evidence about medicinal marijuana; however there is not enough of it. This play was tested from 1948 until now, and these researchers have focused on 28 randomized clinical trials that included marijuana that was being used to cure people in a way that was not prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration. However, it should also be noted that the FDA has 2 cannabinoids that were approved for use, and their names are dronabinol and nabilone. They are used to cure nausea and all the vomiting that is associated with the problems that occur during the chemotherapy, and also to help people get their appetite back after suffering from the wasting illnesses.

smoke-edibles-tincturesThe findings of these researches were not that surprising, but still, some people were really astonished by them. It was proven that marijuana can be successfully used to combat the chronic pain, to combat the neuropathic pain, and to combat the spasticity that happens as a result of multiple sclerosis. The evidence for this were overwhelming, which practically means that marijuana can in fact be use for these conditions, and that with the help of it, the symptoms of them could be lessened. Chronic pain was inspected in six trials, and the same number of trials was done on neuropathic pain, while the test on multiple sclerosis was done on 12 trials. It should be noted that not all of these trials were successful, but some of them have proven that the marijuana had some positive effects, and that it had, indeed helped out the people who were suffering from these conditions. This basically means that marijuana can be used as a medicament in our medical and pharmaceutical industries.

So, at the end of the day, it was proven that marijuana can be used to treat various diseases and conditions, or at least to help the people who are suffering from them. However, not all the trial have shown that it helps people, and that is why people should really educate themselves on this topic before they take an official opinion.