Countries Which Have “Legalized It”

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Legalize It!

The ever more popular slogan, legalize it, of course refers to the legalization of cannabis, popularly known as marijuana.  Whether it is for a general or recreational uses only, the legality of marijuana differs from country to country.  There are many reasons why cannabis should be made legal.  Most importantly than those who are pro legalization of marijuana often emphasize its medicinal properties and ways in which marijuana can benefit a lot of patients who suffer from different illnesses and conditions.

Possession Of Cannabis

In most countries, even the possession of cannabis is made illegal as a result of the agreement about Indian hemp, also known as hashish, ever since the International Opium Convention which occurred in 1925.  Choose then, many countries have chosen to decriminalize the position of small quantities of cannabis.  As for the medical use of cannabis, some states in the U.S.  allow the use of medical cannabis, although it is still illegal by Federal law. 

This comes in conflict with Federal agencies who claim that Federal law comes before the districts laws and territorial laws who allow the use of marijuana.


Marijuana and the Law

Marijuana-EconomyWhile laws differ from state to state, as of January 2015 countries which have the least strict laws regarding cannabis are: Bangladesh, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, North Korea, and Uruguay.  When it comes to the U.S. states, the least strict laws regarding cannabis are in the following states: Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, the U.S. cities of Portland, and South Portland, Maine and the District of Columbia.  Among countries that have the strictest laws against cannabis are China, Cuba, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.


Don’t Get In Trouble

Since laws differ from state to state, prior to using or possessing cannabis you should definitely take some time to learn the laws on the country you are in in order to avoid any confrontations with the law.  Also in some countries marijuana has been decriminalized, even though it is considered to be illegal. 

Tough Love

Even though laws are somewhere looser and somewhere stricter regarding cannabis, there are countries where even the possessionA-woman-smoking-a-joint-001 of a single joint could get you into some serious trouble.  For example, if you are caught with it even a single jointin Japan you can get up to a five year prison sentence with hard labor.  If they catch you smoking a joint in the Philippines, you will be sent for at least six months of rehab, and if it happens again next time you could be jailed for between six and 12 years.  Growing cannabis can be especially dangerous in the Philippines, since the penalties go from life imprisonment to death penalty. So, be careful where you are and avoid getting in conflict with the law!